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SwiftPOS Trouble Shooting Guide

Sometimes, it helps to know the quick troubleshooting steps without having to call our Support Desk.
Here's a few troubleshooting tips for SwiftPOS.

  1. Try closing SwiftPOSTouch at the till & then reopen it [to exit, Logon then press Tools icon then Exit Application]
  2. Next, try restarting the till computer (90% of the time, restarting the computer will fix the problem)
  3. A more extreme fix is to Exit Application & delete the SwiftTouch.sdf file in C:\SwiftPOSTouch folder then reopen the till program and request a full update.
  4. If a clerk number has been changed so that both the 2 digit ID & the RFID is combined in the one, do the above SwiftTouch.sdf file deletion & a update request will fix it.
  5. If a member has been added to the sale but the sale wasn’t required, the member remains on screen (affecting price level for the next items);
    to remove, press cancel sale & start again.
  6. Cash drawers with the White Cash Drawer kicker, may need the USB cable unplugged & plugged in again to re-engage
    or there could be junk inside, at the back of the cash drawer itself, that needs removing
  7. Unplugging the USB cash drawer trigger also helps re-establish comm ports 1 & 2 settings when they drop offline allowing peripherals on those ports to work again
  8. If an item isn't printing, check that its category has been set to print for that peripheral.
  9. Table first vs table last (last is preferable) to avoid the table staying open & can't be used at other till (the old Quest .dot table doesn't work on this system)
  10. The peripherals area is most often the area to fix any hardware faults
  11. "Root element is missing" means a corrupt XML file which needs deleting after program closed. Look for an XML file in the SwiftPOSTouch directory that has 0kb.
  12. “OPOS driver is missing” often means the OPOS item concerned has been reset to false, needs to be set to true
  13. If the EFTPOS unit does not work, Close then reopen SwiftPOSTouch & try it again
    or Power cycle the EFTPOS unit
    or you may need to re-connect the terminal(s) as per procedure
  14. If a computer doesn’t seem to want to restart correctly, try removing the power cord from the wall for 10mins then plug back in & turn on again.

Don't forget, SwiftPOS has it's own helpfile. Just press F1 in the Back Office environment or press the help button in the top right of the software.

Of course, if these actions do not get you back up and runnning, then please call our support team on 9354 9911.


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